Talk to Aditi

The Humiliation Of Buddha

Let’s start with a story of Gautam Buddha about humiliation.
Once a man came to Gautam Buddha and started abusing him without any reason. Buddha remain calm and kept smiling. The man became angrier and started shouting. Buddha was still calm.
After the man left, Buddha’s pupil asked, “Why didn’t you stop him?” Buddha replied with a smile “Do you see any mark on my body of his anger, hatred, and abuse?” to which the pupil replied, “No!”
“What if you want to give me something and I refuse to accept?” Buddha asked.
“That thing will remain mine.”
“Same way I didn’t accept his hatred, anger, and abuse.”

You Can Refuse To Be Humiliated

In my first company, all the selected students from different colleges went through training. This was conducted by the HR department. Apart from technical training, our HR head believed strongly that soft skills are a must for a good corporate career. So, before anything, he organized a one-month workshop to prepare us for the future and for the company.
This session was a true learning session. It was well planned and well-organized workshop. During a session on human behavior, one of the students asked, “Sir, How can I handle humiliation?”
The trainer paused for a while and replied back with a really solid answer, “You Can Refuse To Be Humiliated! Yes, It is the only choice you have.”

Key Of Handling Humiliation

He started with the story of Buddha and explained things in a really simple and effective manner. Key learning from that session is refusing humiliation. If you have made a mistake, accept it and learn from it. Mistakes are precious learning materials. If you haven’t done any mistake you need not worry about it. If your boss humiliates you on false ground, sooner or later world knows the truth. The most important key to remember is your own satisfaction. If you admit your mistakes you are done with it. If you haven’t done it, you are out of it.
What if you don’t accept the humiliation? It will be gone somewhere. But definitely, it won’t bother you. Behave as if nothing happened. What happens when a valuable currency note falls into the mud? You don’t leave it. You just go ahead, take the note, wash it with water and keep it. Smile!
You don’t bother about all the things, the mud, the incident, and your mistake. You just move and wash the note.

Should You Fight Back?

It’s a really important question. Fighting back requires a lot of time and energy. If you are free, go ahead but keep in mind two important facts. If you fight with mud for what he did with your valuable note, you will be dirty and probably dirtier. The mud will enjoy your fight because he loves it.
If you are a fan of cricket, remember Mr. Dravid. Rahul Dravid. He used to play balls so nicely. I have never seen any other like him. A calm and cool man. No matter how fast the ball comes, he just gives it a lovely kiss. Well, he could have moved forward and made a six but that’s a matter of choice and strategy. In life, you can move forward or give that ball a lovely kiss. Giving a lovely kiss is key to holding the ground. And this is the most important key to know. You must hold your ground to make any move.
The key remains solid and intact: Refuse To Be Humiliated. In all such matters of life. This is the best move.