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World-class infrastructure

We provide our clients with cutting-edge software hosted on world-class infrastructure.

Everything with security in mind

Security comes first in our philosophy. We work hard to keep your data secure.

Pricing to keep you surprised

Our customers are surprised to know the prices we offer.

Friendly customer support

We are committed to the growth of our customers and helping them.

What you can manage with our School Management System

Here is a list of what you can manage. But it’s not the end just beginning. You can manage almost everything which you want to manage.

Subjects / Sections
Online classes
Exam/ Results

Online fee deposit

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for lifetime free use

Before you take full advantage of our services, you have an opportunity to take a free trial for a limited use.

This is to try and decide what we offer and how good it is for you. It is always free for small number of students.

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What is school management system?

A school management system is designed to manage student, teacher activities. It helps you to manage all the units of school like library, hostel, transport etc, easily. It provides better interaction between teacher, management, parents and students.

Who can use school management system?

All the schools, small or big can use this system to manage their students, teachers and other activities. This is not limited to schools only, all independent teachers, coaches, cooking classes or any guru who teaches something to their students can use our free software.

What is the cost of school management system?

Our system is FREE for a limited use. For details you can always contact us here.

How can i use school management system?

Please login and create account. The rest is easy as 1.2.3. May you face any difficulty, you can always contact us here for more details. We’re always happy to assist you.